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    April 16, 2013
    2:05 - 3:00am PDT  

>> this is a tax -- what is it? this is a tax drink. >> it's an apple martini apparently. why -- it's from the grant grill at the u.s. grant hotel in san diego. >> that's good. each one of these drinks costs $4.15 and it's the 15th of april to celebrate tax day. >> that will make you forget that it's tax day. that's for sure. >> if you -- last night there's a broadway show that premiered called "motown." >> "motown, the musical." >> if you like motown music, it's like being at a concert. it's like you are watching -- >> over 50 motown great songs in it. not full length of course. but it's unbelievable. i think 56 or so. >> we went last night. started at 6:00. >> there's the supremes. you've got the temptations. >> it's going so fast. there's diana ross. >> marvin gaye. >> oh, my gosh. it's a party. it's a party.
and by the way, a lot of people came to the party last night. we went on the red carpet, me and you, the happy couple. >> yeah. holding hands, people are starting to talk. >> we're getting a little worried. there's diana ross. berry gordy. and berry gordy's sons. from lmfao. >> red foo. and there's smokey. we actually saw diana. at intermission. bono and his wife were there. after -- it must surreal, i remember saying to her watching -- she did come up on stage. we asked her, diana -- miss ross. >> miss ross is what you call her. >> what was it like -- it must be surreal for you to watch your life being played out. she goes, "it is strange. it is strange." they get along just fine even though they have quite the history. they have a child together. >> yes, they do. >> everybody seems to have made peace with whatever their relationships were. >> well, it's wild.
>> amazing story of what berry gordy built. >> it is amazing. to look around that theater and see stevie wonder and gladys knight -- >> i didn't see glad yith. i love her. >> the temptations. the commodores. it was just wild to look around and see them all there. >> it was an idea -- >> is that clive up there, too? >> no, that's gladys at the end. >> my eyes are going. i can't wait to have my cataracts done. but anyway, we want to thank especially doug morris for our terrific seats and we really want to congratulate him and his beautiful wife, monique. doug is one of the most powerful men, probably the most powerful men in the music industry, we've been friends of his for a long time now. and he was -- i think -- well, they noticed -- they have it in the playbill, three producers, but he put a lot of his own money into that. >> and it's got the biggest box office from broadway right now, too, so we're really, really happy for him. >> it's a party over at jenna bush hager's house. she had a baby! >> two weeks early but way to
go. >> a baby girl, her name is margaret laura, and they're calling her mila, because it's henry's mom's name and her mom's name. so margaret laura. which is beautiful. >> six pounds, 15 ounces, 19 1/4 inches. >> and look at henry, he's so in love with his wife and his daughter. >> are they watching the masters? >> oh, my god! >> no, they're not. >> are they? >> that's a great, great picture. that's wonderful. first-time grandparents. thrilled for them. i wonder what the name was they had chosen, if it was going to be a boy. because they didn't know. we'll have to ask her. anyway, we wish them all the best. i was thinking about her today. you think your life changes with a dog? oh, my gosh, how your life changes with a baby. >> i can't wait to see her when she comes back. >> she's going to be an awesome mom. because she had an awesome mom. she is an awesome mom. >> let's talk about justin bieber.
what are we going to do about the biebster? he went to the anne frank museum. in amsterdam. he stayed for an hour at the end there was a guest book so he wrote something in the guest book. this is what he wrote. "truly inspiring to be able to come here." very nice. "anne was a great girl. hopefully, she would have been a belieber." a belieber if you don't know are all the bieber fans who go to his concerts and love him. so hopefully she would have been a belieber. >> i don't think he meant anything disrespectful by it. it just is symbolic of how young he is and how i think just out of touch. >> that's it. >> completely out of touch. i mean, he can't even imagine the suffering of this young girl, along with 6 million other jews during the holocaust. i don't know. i just don't think he -- i don't think he realized what he's saying. i think he thinks he's being nice. but he doesn't realize how it comes across to other people. >> he seems to keep stepping in it. he's had nothing but trouble since he's gone on the road,
right? >> we talked about that. ever since his mom, pattie, has just sort of given over the reins because he's making all that money and is successful. and the manager and -- manager's not there all the time and there are people around him. some people probably want the very best for him. but if he's like anybody else in this industry, there are those who just want to make the money and run and are not looking out for his best interests, and i noticed a little of that, i told you when i was around him. >> you see a little bit of that. >> i didn't like some of the stuff i saw and again, i just hope somebody gets ahold of him like pattie is a great mom. >> yeah. >> and i hope he comes home soon. >> yeah. >> because he needs -- he has no sense of reality. how can you when you're 19 years old and you're the biggest pop star in the world? >> i could see where that could happen. he needs to have the right kind of people. >> he's a good kid and he's been taught right from wrong. hopefully he will come back to it. >> the mtv movie awards last night were weird. >> i didn't see them, you didn't
either, hoda woman. did you look at them online? >> i saw parts of it. there was one moment. there was kind of a kanye-ish moment. by this i mean will ferrell was up getting an award and he had the golden popcorn thing in his hand. >> that's the award, right? >> and some girl named aubrey plaza from "parks and rec" you may or may not recognize decided she was going to rush the stage. take a look. >> once again, thanks to mtv. but i -- what's happening? are you okay? aubrey plaza, everyone. >> if you look, i don't know if we can get a shot of it. if you look on her chest, there's like a hashtag or something that says, to do list. something that she wanted to do, i guess to --
>> to pull a kanye on someone? >> by the way, that was dumb. it wasn't even funny. >> it was awkward. it was awk-weird. some people thought it was, it was planned and it just went -- you know -- >> awry. as they say. >> or that she just -- by not saying anything it was very strange. i mean at least -- kanye, we knew what he was talking about. beyonce had the best -- we kind of knew he was upset because beyonce didn't win. but i don't understand what she was angry about. >> neither do i. >> but you know the one thing today that she has accomplished? that we now have heard her name. i never heard of her before. but i'm not sure that's what you ultimately want to be known for, you know. again, young and not thinking things through. >> let's talk about the cute guy who won the masters. oh, my god, adam scott. >> hodie -- i think she has left blake. >> no. >> i think she has left blake. >> the first australian golfer to ever win. we need an extreme close-up. not of this. no one needs to see that putt.
no. close-up on -- every guy we've ever met from australia is hot. >> no, that isn't -- that does him no justice. all right. >> okay. >> wow. what's the story on him, hodie? >> he's 30-something, 32. >> that's a little young for you, but okay. >> he is so cute. could you die? look at him. >> he is gorgeous. >> and the other guy, who was the guy, cabrera? angel cabrera, who's very famous and has won the masters before. he looks like a guy you would see on the golf course any day. just like he gets up, he hits -- he doesn't even -- it looks like he didn't take a minute to think about it. he's so good. but thank god this guy won. >> thank god for golf. frank just sits there in front of that, it isn't even on for the next four hours, but he watches the golf channel. to have them discuss everybody's putt, everybody's drive. everybody's choice of clubs. and i'm going, what is he -- i don't get it. it's a golf thing. i will never get it. >> i don't either.
>> we almost got divorced before we got married over golf. we really did. i wanted to learn it. he wanted me to learn it. i wouldn't cut my nails, so i cut the ends off for the little glove. and one day we were out at deepdale. and i was taking my time in the way the guy taught me how to do it. and frank gets upset because there's a foursome behind us. i said, that's right. they're behind us. i'm trying to do it right. i said, you know what, this is not going to work. my favorite thing. so favorite that i ate it. it's some nature valley peanut granola bar. i am so into -- a box of six sells for around $2.50, because around here the only thing edible, i'm sorry -- >> there's nothing in our break room. it's all bad. >> if you're lucky enough to get any of it at the bottom of the thing. i eat too much of it. this controls it. and i adore it. what's yours? >> mine is my best friend karen's husband, it was his birthday, so i just wanted to
give a big birthday shoutout. >> that's john. >> hey, john. there's karen and katherine. >> from new orleans. >> i got to spend the birthday with them. >> and sarah. >> my favorite thing is this t-shirt. it's not just this t-shirt. do you like it, though? >> iowans. the few, the proud, the extremely attractive. >> i got it from my best friend molly. this site plays to midwesterners, it's all jokes about fly-over states. but it is the softest t-shirt and you're guaranteed to last. you will laugh. >> right now we're rooting for australia. >> one of our favorite couples is here. >> they're always ready for love. giuliana and bill rancic is in the house. >> first we have some messages and some drinking to do. d turnie given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep, and lunesta eszopiclone can help you get there, like it has for so many people before.
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television. >> now they're helping others in the search for a soulmate on nbc's dating show. it's called -- >> "ready for love." >> three guys hook up with three matchmakers with a bevy of beautiful women hoping to become the one. look at you two. >> i love the new do. >> do you like it? >> so modern. >> thank you. it's so much easier than that long thing i had going for so long. >> it's just very chic, you look great. >> not that you -- >> before we get started on the show, how is life with your cutie? >> life is good. >> it's great. he took his first flight with duke the other day, solo. >> los angeles to chicago. >> i got to tell you, he had wi-fi on the plane, i emailed him was how's the flight. and all he wrote back was "only child." >> that was it. >> he's going to be an only child. >> i wrote what are you talking about? he goes, "no more kids. hope you enjoy having one son." >> yeah, that was it. >> it's one thing -- >> a lot of people giving me
stink-eye on that flight. it was remarkable. >> don't you have more compassion now when a mother of three kids and all comes on the plane? >> no question. >> and you go oh, how do they do it? >> yeah. >> i remember before we had a baby, i would say to myself, put a pacifier in his mouth. please. like that works, right? so it's just -- yeah. we definitely feel very differently about it. >> let's talk about you two lovebirds helping other people find love. >> yeah. >> it is, it's catching fire, everyone is talking about, in fact gwyneth paltrow -- did i say her name -- >> yeah. gwyneth paltrow. >> she said it's her favorite new show on television. can you believe that? >> let's retweet that all over the place. >> everyone who watched the show last week loved the show. it's really such a new concept. and i'm predicting at the end of this season we'll have two marriages. >> really? >> you heard it here first, ladies. >> that kind of real chemistry happening. >> we can't say too much. but, yeah. >> do you think chemistry can be forged like on tv like this?
>> we did. >> we met on tv. i interviewed bill in front of the cameras. that was the first time we met. >> was it instant with you guys? i never asked you that. >> on our second date we were making plans for six months in advance. which i had never done in my life. >> so i do think it is possible. and especially with this show because the girls come in already having -- remember, the guys were introduced here. right? >> yes, we had them on last week. >> there's going to be other shows the girls show up and they're seeing the guys for the first time and they're like -- whereas here they all know exactly what they're getting. and i've got to say, tomorrow night's episode is incredible. >> is it? >> yeah. an ex comes back from the past. >> i hate it when that happens. >> we love it. >> drama. >> he's surprised and the other girls are surprised. let's just say the gloves come off tomorrow night. i mean, it is -- >> that's what we need. we need drama. on the floor. >> there may be a few restraining orders thrown in this season before it's all said and done. >> are you having fun hosting it? you look like you're enjoying yourselves. >> we have a lot of fun. >> she was i little tough on me in the beginning. because obviously she's been
doing this a lot longer than i have. she was -- she was hard on me. >> she got out the whip that you like so much. >> he would come on the set of e! news once everyone left. i would be like bye guys, and we would practice. we didn't want to blow it. >> it's something you have to -- >> absolutely. i hired a coach. we put a lot of time into it. >> really? >> yeah. she was just -- you know. you didn't want me as a student anymore. so i had to go out and hire someone to kind of -- >> we were sort of fighting is what he is trying to say. >> we weren't ready for the love. >> like everything else, you guys worked your way through it. >> we love you guys. when does it air? >> it airs tomorrow night. at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. >> we love you guys, and best to your little dukie. >> could it be you? we're going to reveal our biggest fan right after this. alright, kid, let's get ready for this morning's quiz. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred 92.
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our time now for our fan of the week. when we surprise one of our most dedicated viewers with a shout-out and a trip give-away. >> and sara is here with the lucky winner. >> yes. drum roll, please. our winner is -- allison emsurak from saxonburg, pennsylvania, who tunes in on wpxi, channel 11. allison is a stay-at-home mom to two "today"-crazy toddlers. her kids may be small but they have big fourth-hour spirits. check out their shirts. her morning hairstyles can sometimes -- >> carol. >> gets the whole gang giggling. >> the fan of the week. >> that's right, baby. >> allison's favorite part of the show is the joy fit club. the segment inspired her to sign up for the pittsburgh half marathon this spring. >> good for her. >> allison, after you're done training you can look forward to some r&r in san diego, california. >> one of my favorite places. >> you'll enjoy a fournight stay at the hard rock hotel san diego. the trip includes spa treatments and round-trip airfare for two.
the hotel and airfare were provided by hard rock hotel san diego. >> congratulations to allison. >> i knew it was going to be allison. >> me too. where the weather is awesome i guess about 350 days out of the year. >> it's pretty amazing. >> we're going to find out how smart we really are with some brain games. i hate these. >> and i hate when they say fun ones. they're never fun. >> then the big winners at the mtv movie awards at the box office along with all the other hot celeb buzz with tim stack. >> plus an amazing woman who struggled to lose weight and dropped 280 pounds. >> she's the newest joy fit club member.
welcome back to "today" on this fun day monday. time for today buzz and we fill you in on all the celebrity gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> matt damon reveals his wedding vows and paris jackson
opens up about his famous dad. here with all the buzz is tim stat, entertainment writer for "entertainment weekly." >> the mtv awards, i know you were watching. what did you take away? >> i thought they were okay. you know, rebel wilson from "bridesmaids" hosted, i love her. i think she's really funny. there were a lot of lady business jokes. like jokes about the qulad business. i don't think i can say that on tv. and lots of pubic hair jokes, which was weird. but anyway, she performed. yes. speaking of -- yeah. >> that was funny. >> she performed with her "pitch perfect" cast. if anyone hasn't seen "pitch perfect" it's so good. and she opened it with a new song and -- it was good. the big winner was "silver linings playbook" won like a ton of awards. which is kind of weird. >> it seems like an adult -- >> exactly. i think the fact that jennifer lawrence was in it and bradley cooper. and "the avengers" won a ton of awards, too. >> not exactly trained in the --
>> yeah. exactly. it was fun. the movie awards, they're not -- they're not the oscars. but they were fun. >> listening to paris jackson speak out. first of all, it's just interesting to hear her i think anyway. but tell us -- >> she looks like a doll. >> she seems like oddly normal. which is surprising. but michael jackson's daughter, paris, she gave an interview to the "daily mail" kind of just talking about her life right now. and saying she misses her father, he was an incredible father. and sort of like her plans for the future. like she kind of has a normal childhood. she's a cheerleader. but she also wants to be a heart surgeon. >> she was talk be -- >> there was a time where it seemed like she was a model or something. >> when you're a kid is when you should sort of take the time to find out what you want to be. and there's new controversy i read in the papers over the weekend that only one of the children, blanket, is michael's actual biological child. >> good lord. well, and she also says she wants to open up neverland -- reopen neverland ranch as a
place, a home for sick children, which just sounds like a horror movie to me. i'm sorry. the ghost of bubbles the chimp is going to be all around these poor kids with cancer are going to be like -- it's like liz taylor paintings everywhere. >> but if it can be used for good -- >> that's true. >> come on, tim, think it through. >> i just think that place has bad juju. there's something -- good things did not happen at neverland. >> how do you know that? >> allegedly. allegedly. i'm sure it's a wonderful place to grow up. >> what about matt damon and his wife? >> matt damon and his wife -- >> a lot of people renew their vows. >> yeah. >> did you and frank renew your vows? >> no need to, my darling. that's not bragging. >> but yeah, matt damon and his wife renewed their vows, they never actually had a full ceremony. >> that's true. >> they never had -- they had a civil ceremony. so they went down to saint lucia way bunch of their friends including jennifer garner and ben affleck and had a ball and were like frolicking on the
beach as rich people do. >> rich talented people. >> rich talented people. i was in my house watching the movie awards. >> let's talk about the movies and "42" -- >> "42" was huge. >> was it expected to do that well? >> it's one of those stories that's so inspiring and jackie robinson is such a huge iconic guy. and no one's really tackled that before. >> and it got great reviews. >> and it's a movie that families can go see. but yeah, it's got a crazy audience score, the score was like an a-plus. so i think it's going to have really good legs. >> we've got to go. but two wekds. two seconds to tell us, what do you think of the bieber thing with anne frank? is that going to blow over? >> i just feel like he's just kind of dumb. >> you're about to make up our minds more than tim stat -- >> yeah. we are playing some fun brain games right after this. >> you're out of control, tim. take care of your engine and it'll go far.
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they say seeing is believing and we are about to find out that is not always the case. from clever coin tricks to math equations, these two guys over here claim they can blow your mind. >> if you have one. it's all part of a new show airing on the national geographic channel called "brain games." jason silva is the host, and apollo robbins is the deception specialist. >> creepy, scary. >> welcome, guys. >> thank you so much for having us. how are you? >> sounds like something we wouldn't ordinarily be interested in. >> well, for one, obama is putting all this money to reverse-engineer the brain. you know, the brain is the most complicated object in the universe. but at the same time it's incredibly easy to fool. it has these shortcomings that can be exploited and this game we have these interactive experiments that do that to teach you about your brain. >> they say we only use a small percentage of our brain. >> that's actually a myth. we use all of our brains. we don't all use it well. but we use all of our brain. >> what does mr. deception have to do with the whole game? what do you do? >> i take advantage, kind of like hacking the mind. there's a lot of false
assumptions we make every day. we apply our biases to do. i take advantage of that in a visual way, whether it be stealing something from you, or kind of showing you why critical thinking is important. >> so what is the show? so you turn on the tv and tell me what it is. >> so basically, the star of the show is your brain. we have these carefully designed interactive experiments. we call it lean-in programming. the brain experts, these cognitive experts design these games, these illusions you can play at home as you watch and then you want to understand what just happened. >> it's interesting because there's two of you at home watching, husband and wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family. each one of you will have a different experience of the games because your brains are wired differently. my wife is really good at this, i'm not good at that. it gives you aw chance to actively participate, interactive tv. >> what if you're one of those people who doesn't do well at all the entire time. isn't there a danger that you'll come away thinking i'm an idiot? >> the games -- you're probably going to not do so well in some of the games because they're designed to show your brain's own shortcomings. >> we do the show to do that. >> when you find out what you
don't know it gives you an advantage. because most people -- >> show us. >> in this animation you're going to see you're supposed to count the footballs. all right? >> i, what? >> try to count them. >> right. >> 28. >> 30. >> okay. well, you're both wrong, but you're pretty close. but the answer was actually revealed on the screen in text. >> oh, it did? >> it's an example of inattentional blindness. >> where was it? >> stay right there. >> stop counting. there are 27 footballs. >> if your eye is on counting those footballs, like you told us to do -- >> by pushing your attention in one direction -- >> it's the same type of thing. come around this side of me. >> it wasn't implied. >> and i want to you keep your jewelry. so you'll be safer over here.
i asked you to put your cards down so you have your hands available. same thing as what you saw there. your attention's drawn to something like this. close your hand around it. would you be surprised if i could take it out of your hands? >> i would be totally shocked. >> open your hand. that would be the easy way. use your hand, but squeeze my wrist, squeeze. squeeze your hand tight. watch it close. see your attention is split between two places, but your high-res view of your attention is very small and you can't see where it actually is. it's not magic. >> where is it? >> while she's looking here she doesn't know it's sitting on her shoulder. try it again. use your hand a little higher. you can see it almost at home how this works. it's not here because it's back on her shoulder again. >> do it in slow motion. >> i'll use both your hands. put your hand on top. if you watch it here you can almost see the space. right now your mind is making an assumption about where it goes. it's here, isn't it? >> no, you put it in your hand. >> you're so sharp.
it's close by. it appears here. it's not touching your skin. it is on the head like you said. it's a motion that draws your attention. >> very cool. >> that's what these guys have been doing in their magic tricks forever. >> you're going to try this. this requires out of thebox thinking. what you want to do is very quickly you want to connect all the brains together with three straight lines. three straight lines. and again, the clue -- >> i don't know what you mean. >> link them all together using only three straight lines. >> how can you -- >> think out of the box. >> one, two. not quite. >> three. >> her line was a little bit curved for the straight line. >> you tried to get as p many -- >> you said out of the box. and i did. >> you were literally out of the box. one of them was curved. but notice why the clue was so
important. most people will stay within the boundaries. but when you go out of the boundaries it makes sense. >> outside your comfort zone. >> we try to play by the rules. >> all right. so we actually -- want to do this one? yeah. >> what you're going to do is you're going to read this sign. that's all you're going to do. >> new york in the spring. >> one more time. >> new york in the the spring. >> you got it. >> most people will read that like ten times and not catch it. >> you take that short cut. your mind fills in the blank. and sometimes you just skip over what's right in front of you. you skim through life. that's the main meaning. >> fascinating. >> thank you. you can catch the premiere of "brain games." >> monday, april 22nd at 9:00 and 9:30 on the nat geo channel. >> thanks, guys. delicious brunch ideas that can lbs lactose free. >> oh, good. >> for hody.
>> thanks. good morning to you. i'm weather channel meteorologist alex wilson with your seven-day forecast. we are going to watch for some storminess out there today for areas into texas. also portions of the plain states. so here's what we're watching. a little bit of rain into the northeast as well. could see some of those storms even into parts of missouri, illinois, indiana. we've got rain and snow coming down in the west, where temperatures will be chilly. 44 in denver, where those roads will be slick. tomorrow's forecast brings the snow still to portions of the northern plains around north and south dakota. also portions of wyoming. we're going to keep that snow around. and we're watching for the potential of some severe weather. perhaps the tornado outbreak through portions of oklahoma, texas, even into parts of missouri. we'll be watching for that severe weather threat. highs will be in the mid 60s for kansas city. upper 80s, though, in dallas. and that cold air still stays entrenched up in the north and west part of the country.
on thursday that's when we'll see the rain stretch down toward the south. we'll also be watching for the thunderstorms. things stay on the dryer side over toward new york. 58. 80 in washington, d.c. going to be a very warm one. on friday the rain begins to advance closer to the east coast. we'll see highs around 69 in atlanta. still in the low 80s, though, for d.c. we're going to keep it warm through the end of your work and school week. by saturday some coastal showers. temps around 57 in nyc. 61 in boston. on the other side of the country, san francisco will be at 65. 70 in los angeles. by sunday a few snow showers way up in the northern part of the country around portions of north dakota and minnesota. then on monday we'll be watching for some rain showers in areas like minneapolis, getting close to chicago. monday high around 61 degrees. don't forget, every weekday morning you can wake up with al and stephanie. starts at 5:30 a.m. [ male announcer ] degree antiperspirant does more for you,
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>> announcer: today's kitchen is brought to you by lactaid milk. with lactose-free lactaid milk you can fully enjoy the real milk you love. >> in "today's kitchen" we're looking up some lactose-free recipes for all of you who have a little sensitivity to dairy. like hoda woman does. i have it mildly. >> here with some easy brunch ideas is celebrity chef melissa derabian. who is also a lactaid spokesperson. hey, girl. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> you're lactose intolerant. >> a lot of people are. >> it's a spectrum. >> and that's what's great about something like lactaid, is there's no lactose in it. so you can drink it and process it without a problem. today we're making blueberry muffins. >> good. >> wet ingredients, dry ingredients. >> sure, sure. >> let's put in 3/4 of a cup of lactaid.
>> what is the difference with that kind of milk as opposed to -- >> you know, it is dairy milk. you're not going to notice a difference. >> and it comes in whole milk, skim and everything else. >> chocolate milk, cottage cheese and everything else. i add in a half cup of butter. oil or butter. whisk it up and we'll put in some orange zest. now, did you know that butter actually has very little lactose in it. >> i love butter. >> so a lot of people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate the butter. but if not you've got oil right here. wet ingredients, dry ingredients, couple cups of flour, 2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder. and sugar. >> that makes hody happy. >> half a teaspoon of salt. and then we'll whisk that up. all right. that's the trick to a tender muffin, is whisking up your dry ingredients first. and then let's go ahead and -- >> pour it in? >> we dump it all on in. put a little well in the middle. there you go. and then just a gentle stir. >> folding it. gently. >> you don't want to overmix.
>> and this is something you can make up in advance, stick the muffins in your freezer, have them for the morning, really easy. and your whole family can eat this one recipe. >> when do the blueberries go? >> they're going in now. >> hold them and i will fold them in. >> you don't want to smash them up. >> no, you don't. the less mixing the better. >> okay. >> it gives it that texture, right? that you like. >> and you don't want to develop the gluten. >> oh. >> yeah. >> what do you mean develop the gluten? >> by mixing you're developing the bluten. you can even make muffin batter the night before and put it in your fridge. >> i can't wait any longer. >> and then they turn out like this. >> just a little sugar on the top. >> here we go, we're using the lactaid chocolate milk and a little bit of almond extract and all we're going to do is add in a little bit of -- >> hot water? >> of hot water on top of some instant coffee. mix that up. blend it up in here with the almond extract.
and look, you've got one right there you can try. >> the muffins are terrific. >> these are awesome. very good. >> you know what's great? this is creamy, but no lactose in it. >> love it. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. these are great. excellent. the newest member of the "joy fit club" lost 280 pounds. >> you've got to stick around for her. but first, this is "today" on nbc. good job.
♪ time for joy in my life and we're back now with look at me now, the joy fit club.
and our newest member is 27-year-old candace williams. >> like a lot of people, she struggled with weight for much of her life but now is down a whopping 280 pounds. let's take a look at her story. >> hi, my name is candace. since i can remember, i've always had issues with my weight. growing up, i was bigger than most kids in school and i was bullied and teased every day. i felt like an outsider among my classmates and refused to even be pictured in my high school yearbook. i tried losing weight with weight watchers but would always gain it back. i wasn't mentally ready to separate hunger from my emotions. so what caused my light bulb to go off? in 2009 i was required to do a health assessment for my job. i was so heavy the scale couldn't calculate my weight at 460 pounds. i was beyond embarrassed, mortified and ashamed. the pain i felt that day was worse than the teasing and bullying i had suffered throughout my life. i went home that day, i ate, i cried and i ate some more.
i went back to wait watchers and lost my first 100 pounds just by eating better. i added exercise into my life and not only did my body change, but my outlook on life did, too. it is a hard road to lose weight but it's not impossible. today i'm 280 pounds lighter and i live by the motto eat less, move more and create no excuses. >> wow. it looks like she does have a lot of supportive friends. before we meet her, let's talk to joy. >> as we see, this is a really, really special young lady and in the midst of being a full-time student and taking care of her mom and sister who have health issues, she has lost i'm calculating more than the two of you put together. she lost a hoda and a kathie. so how did she do this? it was overwhelming for her to look at the big picture. so instead she made mini meals. every -- mini goals. every single week she gave herself a new tangible, manageable goal.
and i wanted to share a few with you. so she loved frozen fried fish sticks and french fries. so one week she set out to master a delicious low-calorie fish. so this is tilapia, she puts a little parmesan, italian seanings, wraps it in tin foil, and roasts it in the oven. from 840 calories to 285. >> this is amazing. >> frozen shepherd's pie. the fattening one's 650 calories. look what she does now. this is her slim style. green beans, lean ground turkey, a little bit of mashed potatoes, reduced fat cheese. 240 calories. >> let's look at candace's before picture one more time. all right, candace, come join the joy fit club. >> whoo! >> wow! >> you're beautiful. >> thank you. >> it's a whole new you. >> can you believe it? >> can i show you something crazy? hold this. you hold the other side. >> no, no indeed. >> is that wild? >> it's sad. i know. >> no. >> you look beautiful.
>> 3 1/2 years. >> but nice and slow and steady. right, sweetie? >> every single day. >> she climbs mountains now. >> i do. my goal is to climb the three highest mountains in each state. and i've i've done three already and my goal is georgia's this month. >> you've already climbed the toughest mountain. >> thank you, thank you. >> tomorrow, brooke shields is going to join us. >> plus a performance from the very cool indy band walk off the earth. >> andhe's "lost i >> stefano: ah... so, you, uh... decided not to stay for breakfast. >> kristen: oh, i can't. i have to run. sorry...i know i haven't been around as much as you'd like me to be, or as much as i'd like to be, but... i had to put out a fire that came very close to burning me down to the ground. thankfully, the danger has been eliminated. but it was a close one. >> freddie: why can't you take this yourself?
>> sy: there's an apb out on me. look, i'll make it worth your while, okay? just deliver this to victor kiriakis. >> freddie: [whistles] big leagues, sy. "art project." seriously? >> sy: [chuckles] trust me. that picture's an eyeful. it's gonna make mr. kiriakis a real happy man. >> brady: you know, some of these proposals look really interesting. >> victor: well, let's go. >> brady: ah, you know, in a minute. >> victor: didn't you promise me that you were going to check on daniel? >> brady: yeah, yeah. i'll leave time for that. but i wanted someone to join us right now, someone who could help us choose the art for the corporate collection. >> victor: ah. do i have to guess? >> brady: you already know. [whispers] kristen.
>> kate: [scoffs] [sighs] [cell phone ringing] hello? >> rafe: hey. didn't think you were gonna pick up. >> kate: [sighs] i didn't think i would either. >> rafe: listen, we need to hash this out. not over the phone. >> kate: i can meet you. >> rafe: i'm at the square. >> kate: i'll be there. >> sami: hey. >> rafe: hey. >> sami: look, we can't tiptoe around this. >> rafe: around what? >> sami: you need to get your head straight about kate.